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Greek Museum of Adelaide Inc.

The “Greek Museum of Adelaide Inc.”   it is a not for profit association, established on May 2019 (Registration Number: A43958). The purpose of the Museum is to promote and preserve the Greek culture in Australia. It is proposed the new museum hosts exhibitions of traditional artefacts from Greece spanning pieces from antiquity to items from more recent times, including collections of coins, traditional costumes and musical instruments.

The Museum it just started it’s first steps and now we are collecting the exhibits. We do not have a permanent building yet, but we are planning the first exhibitions in lending halls.

The primary objects of the Greek Museum are:

1) To establish and operate a museum and information resource centre (library) open to the public for the benefit of the South Australian community.

2) The collection, preservation, restoration and display of: documents and memorabilia relating to family and migration history and genealogy of Hellenes to Australasia, traditional objects, heirlooms and memorabilia with Hellenic origin or association, including but not limited to, costumes and uniforms, woven fabrics, tools, replicas of archaic art and other objects that, in the opinion of the Committee, are worthy of retention and display within the Greek Museum.

3) To establish and operate a reference and lending library and research centre focussing on Hellenism including, but not limited to, historical photos, maps, books and other publications.

4) To promote, encourage and foster the study, education, research and knowledge of Hellenism.


Support the Greek Museum of Adelaide at its first steps.

To support, become a member of the new Greek Museum, so that you are kept informed of coming activities and exhibitions.  You can also become more activate as a volunteer or lend or donate artefacts of your own.  It is time to dig out those old trunks and once again let some real gems see the light of day. Bring them to the museum to be admired by a wider audience, lest they be forgotten, lost, or shudder the thought someday be thrown out as clutter.

Below is part of an ever-growing list of valuable exhibits.  In all cases, whether loaned or donated, the provider will be acknowledged on the exhibit description card of each item.

  •     Traditional objects brought from Greece clothing, jewellery, embroidery, textiles,

    ceramics, wood carvings, tools, furniture, etc.

  •     Paintings, gravures with Greek themes

  •     Greek traditional costumes

  •     Greek old coins and banknotes

  •     Greek traditional musical instruments

  •     Greek books or English books about Greece

Educational excursions to the museum

In the future the museum will be visited by schools. Since the teaching of ancient Greek history is within the curriculum of the schools in South Australia. There will also be space for activities on themes related to Greek culture.

The photo is from an exhinition in West Torrens Auditorium (Harma Library). Students visit the exhibition.



Ancient angioplasty (pottery)

Replicas of  Greek ancient angioplasty and pottery collection will be present in the museum.

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